Day One: Loose 11 lb in Four Days Diet Review

By Judith Sheppard

Starting point

Height: 5 feet, 4.17 inches (163 cm)

Weight: 157 lb (71 kg)

Dream weight: 130 lb (58 kg)


I have to say I feel pretty desperate about my weight. After I turned 30 it seemed to be really hard to loose even an oz of that extra weight. I believe I’m quite active, I exercises for at least an hour 3-4 times a week. As I mentioned before I don’t eat junk food. My problem is overeating though, I feel like, “I’m not gonna get any thinner anyway, why bother trying?” It’s this no seeing hope that makes me wear off badly on my quest to healthy weight.

The four day diet consists of consuming liquids only for a total of 360 calories, 45 min cardio, 8 hours of walking (with 10 min break each hour), and unlimited water and low calories sports drinks. You can read more about loose 11 lb in four days diet here.

For the day one I chose these exercises to complete the 45 min cardio. I have to admit even sifting through the exercises my confidence that I can do this grew. No excuses.

Anti-Cellulite workout

Tiny and Slim Waist Workout


Strong Arms Workout

I walked to a supermarket and back to buy my liquids supply for the day, thus clocking in my first almost 2 hours of walking. Only six more to go 🙂

I tried several high protein drinks and couldn’t consume more than a sip of each. They just have such an artificial taste and extremely sweet.

Thus for breakfast I made my own version of fiber & protein drink:

2 tbsp of ground flax seeds

3/4 cup whole milk

1/4 water

1 cup cantaloupe chunks

Makes two servings, about 100 calories each. I had one for breakfast and will have another one for dinner. Since I still have about 160 calories left I’m gonna have a cup of tomato soup–New York’s winter calls for something warm–and a cup of fat free kefir.

The rest of my drinks menu for today are sparkling water, green tea, green tea with mint, coffee with milk no sugar, black coffee no sugar, black tea with pinch of lavender no milk no sugar, and zero calories vitamin sparkling water.

I was also trying to move around at work as much as I could and have clocked in about 40 min .

I felt quite good till about 4 pm, there was no dizziness, no feeling tired. However closer to 4:30 I felt like I’m going to faint. I still had 2 hours to go of office work and an hour of commute back home, so I just went ahead to have a small slice of lazania. This wouldn’t be my first choice, especially when trying to loose weight, but this was the only thing available at the work place cafeteria at that time.

The evening was OK, the fatigue was pretty bad though and I just felt asleep once at home and thus didn’t clocked in the remaining hours of walking.

Will try to stick to the diet regiment tomorrow.


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