Upcycle Your Faux Pearl Necklace Into Chic Purse Handle

Easy Summer DIY

I find it very gratifying, when I manage to upcycle some item of footwear, jewelry or clothing. It declutters my closet replacing items I no longer wear with items that I can make use of every week. It saves me money, which I can use to effort vacations for my family as well as make different sized contributions to my favorite charities. Upcycling also lets me work with my hands and create [sometimes, not always, I’m afraid] beautiful things that I enjoy wearing.

Faux pearls-DIY-VLifeStyle.org


Do you remember, a few years back, heavy faux pearls necklaces were in? I’ve had one laying around for a while now.

I decided to take the necklace apart and make a new, lighter version of a handle for my purse. Something chic and summer appropriate.

After taking the necklace apart I thread each individual pearl through with a golden tone wire and then connected the individual pearls on a wire by making loops on each end of the wires.

Summer pearls-DIY-VLifeStyle.org
Summer pearls-DIY-VLifeStyle.org

I kept connecting the pearls till I had a desired length for the future handle.

I then pulled the newly made bag’s handle through the rings of the bag and connected the ends together [again, with the help of a wire loops].

And that’s it! The chic new purse handle is done!!!

Summer pearls-DIY-VLifeStyle.org
Summer pearls-DIY-VLifeStyle.org


You can also wear the handle as one long, instead of a short double layered handle on the picture above.


Summer pearls-DIY-VLifeStyle.org
Summer pearls-DIY-VLifeStyle.org


Do you upcycle your old jewelry you no longer wear? Please share your ideas with me in the comments below!




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