Scallion pancakes

A 45 min versatile recipe to go with your lunch

There are a lot of movies in which people have those Chinese takeout boxes or bags. And almost all Chinese take outs have scallion pancakes. So what’s the difference between homemade and restaurant bought, and why should you make it yourself? Well, for one, it’s cheaper by far. When bought it costs around $4-5 for 2 pancakes, but when made it costs only $1 for 3 pancakes (if plain). Also you can customize the pancakes by adding bacon, ham, cheese,and any other thing you want. Another reason is that you can always make sure of the quality. Here we’ll tell you how to make scallion pancakes with only 6 ingredients and a frying pan!


Makes: 3 pancakes 

Cook time: 15 min (with 30 min to settle)


You will need:

1 cup flour

½ cup (75 °C ~= 165 °F) water 

3-4 scallions chopped small

5-6 tsp oil

Salt (to taste)

pepper (to taste)



In a bowl, put flour and pour water little by little while stirring in 1 direction. Let the flour absorb the water. You may add more water or more flour as you go but 1 cup flour ½ cup water should be perfect. Then mix with your hands. The dough shouldn’t be too sticky. Wrap in plastic wrap and let it sit for 30 min. 


Once it sat, wake it up by kneading for 1 minute, Then, cut it into 3 pieces; take 1 piece and roll it out on a floured surface, as thin as it goes  ( it doesn’t need to be a circle) put 2 tsp oil in the center and take the edges and fold the edges into the center then fold back out. Do this to all sides and add salt and pepper. Add the scallion (and if desired add bacon, ham, cheese, anything) Roll it into itself tightly for more layers looser for less layers. Now take the dough and coil it into itself, put the tail on the bottom center, roll it out as thin or as thick as desired. Now fry it on one side til color on top changes, flip it over, fry and enjoy. Do the same to the other 2 dough pieces.



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