How Do You Know What Is and Isn’t Art Nowadays?

Leonardo da Vinci spent over 50 years mastering his skills, perfecting his technique and his works of art inspired generations of artists, sculptors, architects, spurring into motion Renaissance in the West. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo took over four years to complete (1508–12). The composition contains over 300 figures, depicting God’s creation of the earth, humankind, and the state of humanity as represented by Noah and his family. To this day, five centuries later, the masterpiece leaves people in awe. Traditional forms of art move us, inspire, and encourage to work on mastering our own crafts.

What is called “modern art” or “contemporary art” doesn’t emphasize perfecting the artists’ basic skills and technique. In a nutshell, if a 3-year old can paint or sculpt this, it’s not art. In this video you’ll find a few great examples of so called “modern art” and why it shouldn’t be called art.

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