FREE Vintage Sewing Pattern: Summer Skirt

You can make this pretty summer skirt using a free pattern published in July 1948 in about 2-3 hours

This easy-to-make skirt pattern comes from Quick & Easy Summer Wardrobe Patterns 1948, Woman & Beauty, Self Draft, published in July 1948.


free vintage sewing skirt


I made three alterations to the pattern:

  • used elastic band instead of making fabric belt, so I don’t have to use zipper
  • shortened the length of the skirt from 36 inches to 20 inches
  • widened the skirt at a waste by 10 inches total (so I can wear it by pulling through my head)


FREE Vintage skirt


Making Summer Skirt: Steps

  1. Wash and iron the fabric.
  2. I drew the pattern directly on the fabric. Cut.
  3. Sew the six pattern details together. I used overlock to finish the seems.

vintage skirt

4. Press the seams.

5. Attach the elastic at the top of the skirt. I used golden colored elastic to match golden outline around the white flowers on the skirt’s fabric.


Done! Enjoy your new skirt 🙂


I’m thinking of making a navy blue blouse out of some sheer fabric to go along with the skirt. What do you think?

free vintage sewing


Please share with your friends who might also want to have a pretty summer skirt!



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