10 Minute Strawberries and Cream

Try this quick and easy midday snack with just 3 ingredients

Wondering what to have for a midday snack? Try this amazing and quick strawberries and whipped cream recipe. Perfect for any day and all seasons. Using only the ingredients from your fridge, you can make this incredible snack.



You will need:

1 cup Heavy whipping cream

½ cup sugar

Box of strawberries



In a large bowl beat the heavy cream and sugar. (be very careful not to have any water on utensils, or bowls, or cream will not rise). Beat for about 6-9 minutes or until risen to twice the size. (Tip: it’s easier to mix when using a large bowl and tilting the bowl at a 40° angle). Put the whipped cream into a bowl and wash the strawberries. Now dip the strawberries into the whipped cream and enjoy!

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