No-Knead Bread – Time Saver

No-Knead Bread


Good fresh baked bread is always hard to find and if found it’s almost always on the pricy side. So why not save money and do it yourself? This way you can add whatever toppings you want; you can make it sweet with cranberries or savory with bacon and cheddar. You can add almost anything to a plain loaf of bread. Plus you can have some fun while cooking, and then later enjoy the satisfactory bread that you made yourself. So why not?

This particular recipe is great because not much actual cooking is needed if you’re busy with work, you can just let it stand overnight or wait for a day; it’s very flexible this way. This is a no knead bread recipe so there’s no need to knead the dough (see what I did there). This saves a lot of time so the total active cook time is about 5-10 min, much less than other breads.


Prep time: 8-24 hours

Cook time: 5-10 min

Bake time: 45 min


You will need

3 cups flour

1 tsp salt

½ tsp yeast

1 ½ cup warm water


Preparation and Baking Steps 

Stir all the ingredients and cover with plastic wrap. After 8-24 hours, form into a ball and let it rest for another 30 min. Preheat the oven and baking dish at 450°F. Place rested dough and bake covered for 30 min, remove the lid and bake for another 15 min. Do Not oil the pan! 


Make It Your Own – Variations 

If you would like to add bacon, herbs, fruit, or anything else, before placing the bread into the oven, add your favorite ingredients and carefully roll the dough so that the topping stays on the inside. Also, just so you know, when you add toppings there is a possibility that the dough will not rise. 


I recommend trying plain bread first and then adding other toppings to it. Even adding something like some simple herbs greatly improves the taste and adds character to the bread. The bread by itself is incredible, the perfect amount of crispy and soft. The bread was eaten quicker than we could take a photo so we had to make another loaf to take the pictures. 

As always…


Recipe by Nyk, Hudson Valley NY, 13 years old

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